About us

    SCIOMAX SA   is a Black youth Owned level 1 bbbee company, headed by Mr Siviwe Gqeke, promoting industrialization in Africa by increasing the participation in the industrial economy, especially in the field of component manufacturing by doing the following:

    • Manufacturing
    • Improving capabilities to ensure competitiveness
    • Providing access to market
    • Creating inclusive teams through ownership

    With the aim of growing the African production (localization) and export opportunities for local components.

    SCIOMAX SA   has created economic linkages to extend the value chain through further downstream manufacturing, enabling supply solutions to end users.

    The focus is on getting value that embody a combination of relatively high employment and growth multipliers typically from the IPAP and NGP sectors.

    Siviwe’s vision is to turn SCIOMAX SA into a world class company that aligns with the African vision of economic transformation and unlocking untapped potential of the people through job creation and providing an excellent work environment.

    We would like to set the trend in the industry in terms of empowerment and inclusion, for other African companies to follow.

    It is very clear that we are capable to design, develop and produce components of exceptional quality. With some strategic partnerships we can become a world class facility, competing with the best. SCIOMAX SA is positioned as both as a supplier of products and a producer as well.

    The knowledge and experience of SCIOMAX SA will build capacity in the fields of:

    • Financial viability
    • Distribution Skills
    • Customer Relations
    • Coordinating other Value add operations
    • Technical skills
    Matching Capacity with Capability

    In the future we would also like to expand our internal capacity by executing larger projects as we have the capabilities and capacity.

    In conclusion we believe we will make a meaningful contribution to any organization for the following reasons:

    • We locally produce high quality, cost effective products within the continent.
    • We have passion for success and contribution to our country in terms of job creation and our organisation’s objective focusing on the empowerment in the deep industry which is the backbone of the industrialization process
    • We believe by bringing our expertise, product quality, commitment and innovation to the table, we can build a relationship with any business in Sub Saharan Africa that will be mutually beneficial.

    Excellence in execution, sales and services with focus on customer satisfaction; care for employees, community & environment and sustainable growth.



    • Support for doing the right thing
    • Keep promises even if it takes extra effort
    • Won’t turn our backs towards something wrong or unsafe.
    • Take responsibility and be accountable for all our words and deeds.
    • Committed to ensure safety for everyone.
    • Encourage employees to achieve their maximum potential
    • Work towards exceeding customer expectations
    • Appreciate the skills and abilities of others
    • Extra care for actions that affect the community we live in

    To be the region’s first choice BBBEE engineering organisation by exceeding the expectations of our clients, offering a bright career path to employees and ensuring sustainable growth for the community while preserving the environment.

    Goal text. A red dart center target, isolated on white - Business concept.
    Expanding Goal
    • Keep raising the bar
    • Go the extra mile to deliver the best
    • Be self-motivated
    • Strive to innovate and create




    Team Work
    • We are one
    • Listen to and learn from each other
    • Work with enthusiasm and appreciation
    • Combine our expertise and knowledge
    "Developing the infrastructure of the African continent, represents far greater opportunity than the classic minerals and commodities perspective conveyed by western countries" - Siviwe Benedict Gqeke       

    Siviwe Benedict Gqeke

    Chief Executive Officer
    Cobus Vissir is our Chief Technical Advisor, he has a lot of experience in rail engineering, he has a lot of years working in our factory.

    Cobus Vissir

    Chief Technical Advisor
    Kobie Viljoen is our Senior Technical Specification Advisor he is an engineer and has ample experience in rail engineering.

    Kobie Viljoen

    Senior Technical Specification Advisor
    Dedrick Mkhwane is our Business Development he knows he has been working in our factory for a long time, he knows every thing there is to know about rail engineering.

    Dedrick Mkhwane

    Business Development