What We Do

    Rail Engineering

    Welcome to SCIOMAX SA Engineering, a quality focused precision engineering company with solutions for all your engineering needs.

    Based in the Vaal Triangle, Sciomax SA has a joint venture agreement with Hencill Engineering, an innovative precision engineering company specialising in light steel and fabricating, manufacturing, reconditioning and repairs. We specialize in the Rail industry.

    SCIOMAX SA was founded in 2011 mainly as a reconditioning / repair shop for valves in the Vaal Triangle and mining industry on the East and West Rand.

    The joint venture was established in 2015 to benefit from a broad base of knowledge and expertise, collective and individual experience of 30 + years in various fields.

    We are undoubtedly the leaders in valve refurbishing and have a proven track record through Hencill Engineering. Our work is of the highest standard and our quality control department is very strict.  With our full range of machinery and qualified and experienced workers, we are equipped to handle any situation and task you request from us. In the support of the Government initiative towards employment equity, one of our objectives are to develop skills.

    In 2015 we embarked on a Transnet Engineering initiative with CSIR, to improve our efficiency, called the Transnet enterprise supplier development programme.

    Rail Mechanical Products
    • Roller assembly
    • Saddle assembly
    • Pipe assembly
    • Swivel Flange assembly
    • Rings
    • Flange airbrake piping
    • Brackets
    • Beams
    • Bogie levers
    • Valves
    • Cylinder frame structurals
    • Top plates